Twintage: A Halloween Mantel

October 23, 2011

A Halloween Mantel

This year as a new home owner I wanted a classier look for my Halloween decor. As a new home owner I also needed it to be.... well cheap. Since my fiancee and I are expecting our first born any day now we decided to keep the decorating to a minimum and concentrate on the living room.

This mantel project was super easy to do..
- Bat garland cut from black felt and attached by yarn string
- Candles in the fireplace
- Gourds from the grocery store painted black, white and grey

It was also easy on my wallet..
Mantel decoration cost:
Black birds: $2.99 each clearance at Michaels
Felt pack $5 at Michaels
Fireplace candles $6 dollar store
Gourds $5 grocery store
Acrylic paint $2 for both white & black dollar store
Total cost: $23.98 (not too shabby)

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