Twintage: the baby waiting game...

October 6, 2011

the baby waiting game...

With less than two weeks till my due date we are playing the waiting game around here. The house is organized (for the most part), her nursery is set up, and I have spent my days making sure the house is clean for her arrival. It`s a strange feeling waiting around to meet this little new life, so curious what she will look like and who she will take after.

I have been feeling good for the most part other than waddling around like a penguin with horrible heart burn. No contractions as of yet, just braxton hicks that love to show up while I relax before bed. They can be a tad bothersome but I`m sure nothing like the real thing. I have a feeling this baby girl is in no hurry to make her grand arrival, so I will try to relax and enjoy the last bit of being pregnant.

This long weekend will be a busy one with a friends wedding, two thanksgivings, and eeek our 30th birthday (thankfully not till Tuesday) Hopefully, the little one will wait till after all the craziness or for the very least not make an appearance during my friends big day! 


  1. Adorable! Congrats on everything!

  2. Man, it would be so awesome if our babies showed up on the same day :D!!!!


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